Have you been missing your Agorapulse emails?

Hi Tomoya,

You may have noticed recently that your Agorapulse emails have been moved to the “Promotions” or “Social” tab in your Gmail or maybe even your spam folder. :(

If you still want to receive social media tips, downloadable resources, special offers, and such, let me show you how to make Agorapulse land right inside of your “Inbox”.

What you can do:

Tell Gmail you want emails from Agorapulse.

Spam: If our emails have been routed to spam, select the Agorapulse email(s) in your spam folder -- and click ‘Not Spam’.

Promotions or Social Tab.: If our emails have been routed to your “Promotions” or “Social” tab, drag-and-drop the email message from beneath the tab it’s currently filed under, to the “Primary” tab.

Once done, a message alert will appear with, “This conversation has been moved to Primary. Do this for all future messages”. Select “Yes”.

Gmail on mobile devices doesn’t provide a way to prioritize messages. However, touching “Show images”, then “Always show images from Sender” will ensure that images always display in the inbox.

Let me know if you have any questions! :)

Cheers, Hannah

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"I know if something goes wrong, Agorapulse is always on hand to help us resolve the issue, not by an email ‘grab a number’ way, but to physically talk to."

-- Andrea Morgan, Founder and Managing Director of Citrus