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Thanks for trialing Asana! 30 days go fast, but in them, we'll show you how to harness Asana's power to plan, track, and manage your work. Be on the lookout for our regular email tips. For today? Start with these basics. Then you'll see how trial features power them up over the next month.

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Capture to-dos with tasks

Create and assign tasks. Give them a due date, description, and attach any docs. Watch your inbox count drop.

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Whether you like spreadsheets, sticky notes, calendars, or Gantt charts, you can toggle between all these views in each project.

Get more work into Asana

Capture your top projects and regular processes. Choose from our templates, or import from CSV or other tools.

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What to do before your trial ends

Like the plan you're on? Make sure to add a payment method before your 30 days are up. Otherwise, you'll get downgraded to our free Basic plan and lose access to several features.

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