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Hello takanishi,

Welcome to Heroku! Now you and your team can build and run apps on one integrated platform that combines compute, data, and workflow with a high-productivity developer experience.

Stay productive on Heroku

 Get started by deploying an app to Heroku and taking these simple steps to help you and your team rapidly deliver apps for your business.

Set up your CI/CD workflow

Deploy apps using Heroku’s easy-to-use, structured workflow for continuous delivery, including Heroku Pipelines, Heroku CI,* review apps, and GitHub integration.

Create or join a Heroku Team

 Unify collaboration, administration, and billing with fine-grained control for all your apps with Heroku Teams.* 

Integrate data 

Build data-driven apps more easily with managed services from Heroku and other ecosystem partners that are based on popular open source technologies, including PostgreSQL, Apache Kafka, Redis, and more.

Find more tips and inspiration

Learn how Heroku helped Goodshuffle and other companies quickly launch and scale their business

Watch this Heroku Showcase tutorial to learn how to deploy your apps to Heroku, or view all Heroku videos.

*Heroku allows you to get up and running quickly without additional cost. The platform grows with you—add paid services as you need them to scale or optimize your apps and teams, including Heroku CI, Heroku Teams (5+ users), and more.

Happy coding,

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